Cookbook Kookboek

It’s 2am. It’s dark outside. Out of nowhere, someone grabs your arms, and not-so-gently wakes you from your sleep. A voice whispers: “Quick, make me this recipe!” The mysterious figure shows you a crumbled piece of paper. On it, a complex dish title. “Quenelle Choco. Make it for me!”

You scream, for you do not know how. (And there’s an intruder in your house. But that’s not the top priority here.)

Well, do not fret anymore, those days are over with this cookbook!

written by Tiamo Pastoor

One day, NXP semiconductors called me and asked if I wanted to be the photographer for an international cookbook. As you might have expected by now, I said yes. Being the photographer for such a high-quality cookbook is an honour. And deliciously fun. Most of all, it is bliss to work in a team — the chefs, food stylists, and assistants, all working together to attain culinary (and visual) heights.

“When I was assigned to photograph an international cookbook I was delighted. Straight away, I envisioned myself strolling on spice bazars in Morocco. I dreamt of myself wandering around exotic open-air markets, offering fresh-caught salmon, crab, oysters, and more. (Of course, it was not me who offered those ingredients. It was the people from the market. If I gave away all our ingredients on exotic markets, there would be nothing left to photograph. It would be a very unique cookbook.)

Well, that was not to be.

Instead, we worked in a cooking studio for intense long days, while the sun did its own cooking outside. We had loads of fun and all learned so much.

With this great experience, I am excited a new cookbook will be in the making! Afghan Cuisine — no, not in Afghanistan — by a beautiful cook.

Stay tuned …