Heritage Day Open Monumentendag 2018

On 8 and 9 september 2018, the Netherlands hosted its 32nd annual Heritage Day. On this day, many historic monuments and sites are open to the public, free of charge. Just like last year, I did the photographs for the brochure of the City of Eindhoven.

Heritage Day is run by around 300 local committees. They are able to attract almost a million visitors with as many as 5,000 historical monuments. This year, the cultural festival was larger than ever, as the theme was In Europe. All Heritage Days connected to form the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage.

Why do I think it is such a great and succesful cultural festival? Because it lets the European people connect with their continent on a cultural level, both the tangible (monuments, churches, shipyards, …) and the intangible (stories, tradition, craftsmanship, …). That’s why I’m proud to collaborate in this initiative.