Photographer, business portraits, food, cultural heritage for magazines and books.

I was born in Holland, but by my early 20s had lived and studied all across Europe, learning to speak English, French and Spanish along the way. After gaining a degree in Language and Culture of Latin America from Leiden  University, I spent several years in international business-oriented jobs. These jobs found me globetrotting again, living for a number of years in Paris and Santiago de Chile.

When I temporarily moved to Cracow for 5 years, an exciting opportunity arose for me to pursue my love of photography, and I studied at the Cracow School of Arts from 2004 to 2006. Here I was encouraged to ‘open my eyes’ and use the camera as an extension of my point of view. The course also helped to foster my unique artistic vision of my subjects, both living and inanimate.

Back in Holland, I attended the ‘Fotovakschool’ in Amsterdam in order to perfect my craft. The course here concentrated on the technical side of photography, in contrast with the artistic emphasis of my studies in Cracow.

I have been working as a professional freelance photographer since 2008, and have a huge variety of commissions. Interiors, Architecture, Business Reportage, Portraits and Sports.

I like working with

Jan Daniel Wolters is an excellent digital imaging artist. His experience and insight is amazing. He is generous in teaching and sharing his knowledge. The pictures he worked on for me have increased their value.

Fotolab Kiekie in Amsterdam. They do all my prints. Professional family run business, decades of experience…And they just did a wonderful job printing for my exhibition in Museum aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht.

Formfest built my website.


Marie Louise Nijsing


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